It’s Mother’s Day . In corporate America these has always been a big bussiness opportunity for the flower shops, the card shops and not to mention the restaurants.  Sa restaurant palang eh , you’ll be lucky if you’ll get seated on the same day without reservation.  Even food chains like Mac Do or Burger King siguradong kadaming tao.

For many years now, we always end up with barbeque at my Inang’s House.  We always tried to cook food for her but so far, we haven’t had any success.  Medyo may katigasan ang ulo ni Inang.  She will always do what she wants to do and she’s beeing doing it extra-ordinarily.  And that, is being “A Mother”.

What really is mother’s Day? When is Mother’s Day?  When was the first Mothers Day celebrated?  Well, isa lang ang ma-isa sagot ko – eh di I-Google mo!

There are still answers that I’ve been searching for regarding Mothers Day, that is, when do we really call mother  “The Mother”:

Does the term “Nine Months “ really entitle you to be called “The Mother”?

Does the term “The Mother” end its term after “Nine Months”?

Whatever happened to the term “from womb to tomb” ?

Sino nga ba ang mas may karapatang sa titile na “the mother”?  Siya ba na nagsilang ng sangol ngunit sa pag-ibig ay butata o siya ba na di pinalad na mag-luwal subalit sagana naman sa pag-aaruga?

Ano nga kaya ang tunay na kahulugan ng ” INA”

What realy is the operational meaning of the term “the mother”?

Ina, kailan ka nga ba dapat tawaging ina… o dapat nga ba?

Happy Mother’s Day sa lahat ng karapat dapat!

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